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Hoop Dreams

Learning to play and interact with kids who have disabilities changed one young man’s life. So for his bar mitzvah project, he decided to pay-it-forward… literally! What am I good at? What do I like to do? What bothers me s...
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Casey's Clubhouse Inclusive Playground

Casey’s Clubhouse Gets A Facelift

Recently awarded 2013 Committee's Choice Award by the Texas Recreation & Park Society, Casey's Clubhouse in Grapevine, Texas, is a charmer for children with disabilities and their famiies. It was built in memory of Casey Tridic...
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Dancing With Delight

This nonprofit professional dance company’s mission is to make the arts and dance accessible for all. Its impact has a healing power for students, parents and teachers alike. “I have seen miracles. Miracles.” Hilary T...
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Sensing Joy

One special center uses an inclusive playground to help families and children affected with Sensory Processing Disorder. On a sunny day just outside of Denver, Colorado, two kids laugh and chatter as the seesaw they’re riding...
Sensory Solutions For Autism At The Playground
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Champions At Play

How one local 11-year-old baseball player had the vision to include champions of all abilities. The sounds of baseball fill the air: the crack of the bat as it meets the ball, the shout of a player claiming a fly ball, the chee...
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Why Sensory Play?

Sensory Play Benefits At-A-Glance Everyone seems to be moving at a million-miles-an-hour these days. Everyone processes information in different ways, and we don’t always have time to stop down and read a ton of stuff. Here a...
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